Temiskaming Art Gallery. 2016
Sculpture Society of Canada Gallery. 2016
Burlington Art Gallery, 50th Anniversary. 2016
Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery. 2016
Saint Brigidʼs Centre for the Arts,
Figureworks. 2015
Sculpture Society of Canada Gallery. 2015
Velodrome Pan Am Games. 2015
Mural Dragonfly Arts. 2015
John B. Aird Gallery. 2015
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. 2014
Sculptors Society of Canada Gallery. 2014
John B. Aird Gallery.2014
Art Gallery of Sudbury. 2013
Living Arts Centre. 2013
John B. Aird Gallery. 2013
Corporate Building in Toronto. 2013
Sculptors Society of Canada. 2013
Patrick International Gallery. 2012
John B. Aird Gallery. 2012
Ontario Crafts Council. 2012
Headwaters Arts Gala. 2012
Colour and Form Society. 2012
Carnegie Gallery. 2012
Town of Elora, Outside Sculpture.  2012
Sculpture Society of Canada.  2012
Holcim Gallery. 2012
Dam Gallery. 2012
Headwaters Arts Gala.  2011
Fireworks by Fusion.  2011
Dam Gallery.  2011
Hamilton Conservatory Gallery.  2011
Canadian Sculpture Society Gallery.  2011
The Upstairs Gallery.  2011
Sherway Garden Gallery.  2010
Sudbury Gallery.  2010
John B. Aird Gallery.  2010
Burlington AIC Gallery.  2010
Harrop Gallery.  2010
Carnegie Gallery.  2010
The Guildshop.  2010
Dorland-Haight Galleries.  2009
Cambridge Centre.  Solo show.  2008
Art Gallery Of Hamilton.  2008
Fireworks by Fusion.  2008
Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery.  2007
Arta Gallery, Distillery District.  2007




“Figureworks” Award. 2015
Published in “Sculpture” book by Sachet Mixte/Themes. 2015
Published in “A Milton Legacy” book to commemorate the Pan Am Games. 2015
John B. Aird. Gallery, “85th Anniversary Catalog” . 2013
The Melville White Church book, “a Celebration in Art” . 2013
Dam Gallery.  Juror's Award.  2011
Bruno Capolongo Invitational Award.  2011
Sudbury Art Gallery acquired sculpture for their permanent collection.  2011
Sculpture published in Lark Book.  2011
Published in Arabella Magazine, Winter Celebrations.  2011
Member of the Sculpture Society of Canada.  2009
City of Burlington purchased a sculpture for a Junior Person of the Year Award.  2009
Etobicoke Civic Art Gallery.  Honorable Mention.  2007
Mississauga City Hall Gallery.  First Prize in Sculpture.  2006
Mississauga City Hall Gallery.  Honorable Mention.  2005